Lower Credit Card Rates from Monday 4th March 2019

There is pure pleasure in letting you know that we have re-negotiated a new credit card surcharge rate with the NAB which has allowed us to LOWER our rates for all of our payment methods. Visa and Mastercard is now 1.1% (down 0.4% from 1.5%) American Express is now 1.5% (down 0.7% from 2.2%) Direct Debit from a Bank Account still has no charge.

These surcharges are still charged on your following month’s invoice. These new rates were effective as of Monday 4th March, 2019.
CUBE Voice Payment Methods
In addition to Visa, Mastercard and Direct Deposit we now offer payment via American Express and Direct Debit for your monthly phone bill on the 14th of every month. Download the Direct Debit Authorisation Form HERE.

For American Express you can visit our website HERE or contact us for an automatic payment each month. Download the Credit Card Authorisation Form HERE

Visa and Mastercard is now 1.1% (down 0.4% from 1.5%) American Express is now 1.5% (down 0.7% from 2.2%) Direct Debit from a Bank Account still has no charge.

Six Easy Ways To Pay

  1. Credit Card via the WEBSITE
  2. Credit Card via 1300 884 884
  3. Credit Card – Automatic Payment Monthly – Application Form
  4. Direct Debit – Automatic Payment Monthly – Application Form
  5. Direct Deposit – Check Invoice for details
  6. Cheque