Does your business need Office Lines?

If you are looking to install or upgrade your office lines, CUBE Voice & Data has access to analog, digital or IP technologies, offered across multiple carriers.

Since we are not specifically aligned with a single carrier, we are able to provide office lines for your business with an independent recommendation utilising several carriers, providing this to you on a single bill.

These technologies can be delivered as Fixed Lines to your business premises or virtual numbers which route calls to various locations. These fixed lines can be delivered as Analog, Digital or IP services.

CUBE Voice & Data is here to work as a telco broker for your business ensuring you have the best technologies from a range of providers to give your business the edge over your competition, whilst reducing your overheads along the way.

Office lines needn’t be expensive, they just need to be reliable.

Looking for handsets for your Office Lines? CUBE Voice & Data can help with hardware also.


Talk to one of CUBE Voice & Data’s ICT experts today on 1300 884 884. We can provide a FREE cost analysis on your current system and/or an obligation-free assessment of your business’s IT requirements.

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