Wireless Ethernet for your Business

Wireless Ethernet is the wireless counterpart to Mid-Band Ethernet, which is also the standard for local networks. Some organisations don’t have the luxury of a physical connection due to remote locations or old, congested DSL exchanges.

CUBE Voice & Data can deliver speedy, reliable Internet, wirelessly to your business regardless of where you are situated.

The are many benefits of having a Wireless Ethernet connection:

    • There are no cables – connection is via the air, so no disturbances.
    • Installation is fast – can be hours or days, as opposed to months
    • Symmetrical – identical upload & download speeds (necessary when utilizing a range of application like video conferencing, cloud-based applications, VoIP etc.
    • Flexible – so upgrades are easy & temporary sites can access it.
    • Accessibility – multiple locations can easily connect.

Getting Started & Next Steps

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