Virtual Private Network

Many CUBE Voice & Data clients who have small to medium business’s have engaged VPN as a means to protect their privacy online, secure their employees browsing sessions, and get unrestricted access to geo-blocked content or websites that are otherwise blocked or censored due to region-restrictions, for example China has strict regulations.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network connection within a network, which enables users to create a secure connection over the public Internet to private networks at a remote location. So you may have a travelling employee who is in a different state, who is able to access your private network, by utilizing the internet via your VPN.

Why choose CUBE Voice & Data for your VPN?
  • We tailor the best solution for your business, based on your requirements.
  • We implement your best solution with a carrier that fits within your needs (not their limitations).
  • We provide on-going management & maintenance of firmware and routers.
  • We provide person-to-person customer service right here in Newcastle.

Businesses (small, medium or large) that have people working remotely or travelling frequently, benefit largely with a VPN.  Put simply, a VPN is the utilization of a network already provided by the internet. The Internet infrastructure acts as the network for remote employees to access their corporate systems. 

Businesses, these days, have a far greater need for tight security. This high level of security is achieved by creating a VPN (virtual private network) on top of the normal internet connection. This type of connection allows for greater security and encryption, allowing only authenticated users to access the network, stopping any data transfers from being un-intercepted.

VPN technology utilises a variety of features, such as certified connections, tunnelling protocols, data encapsulation and data encryption and provides a secure connection to protect identity and connection to private networks. With VPN all of your data, voice, and video traffic travels through a secure virtual tunnel between the client’s device (host) and the VPN provider (CUBE Voice & Datas) servers, encrypting the information as it is transferred.

Small to medium businesses as well as large corporate businesses can benefit from enabling VPN technology. If your business has frequent travelling or remote employees and/or needs site-to-site access with (or without) remote offices or requires a secure dial-up connection, then it might be worth considering a VPN.

Finally, there can be a substantial cost savings when utilizing a virtual private network due to its scalability.  The features & benefits of using a VPN are:

  • Extends geographical connectivity
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves security
  • Reduce transit time and transportation costs for remote users
  • Reduce operational costs versus traditional WAN
  • Simplify network topology (directly connected hosts).
  • Provides global networking opportunities
  • Provides broadband networking compatibility
  • Provides faster ROI than traditional WAN
  • Provides telecommuter support


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