NBN Business Solutions

CUBE Voice & Data can help you find a hassle-free solution with competitive prices for NBN.

The NBN is a fibre-based broadband network giving Australian residents and businesses access to high-speed Internet services.

It is real, it is happening and the roll-out will continue until at least 2021.

Connecting to the NBN may provide the following benefits for your business:

Faster internet speeds Email; VoIP applications; video-conferencing; Cloud Services, uploading/downloading, sending/receiving, accessing files online, e-commerce, online applications, and communication with staff and customers etc will all improve significantly.

Cheaper for rural businesses Internet costs will be cheaper, access will be improved and speeds will be faster.

More efficient retail operations For retailers, the NBN offers opportunities to establish a faster, more efficient online shopfront.

Increased competition Australian businesses can access international suppliers and customer sites faster plus send & receive files almost instantly.

Small to medium business’s will no longer need to pay for high-end business grade Internet services, when they are not required. NBN suppliers, such as CUBE Voice & Data can supply better solutions based on your requirements, for all of your IT systems including cloud, data, voice and phone systems etc.

We hear from many businesses who may not realise the magnitude of what moving their systems over to the NBN means. It is inevitable – at some point over the next 4 years, your business will HAVE to move over to the NBN. This can possibly be a fairly complex process, depending on the size of your business or the complexity of the systems you have. It might also involve a number of suppliers such as the manufacturer of your phone system, the supplier of your phone system and your telecommunications provider.

CUBE Voice & Data take this hassle & headache away by managing the process for you. As a Managed Service Provider we are your single point of contact – saving you time, money and frustrations. Our team of skilled engineers allows you to focus on your business and your employees, while we manage the integration of all of your existing voice, data and communication services.

CUBE Voice & Data does not have a huge corporate structure, so our overheads are low, allowing us to provide this service at low cost.

We can provide you with the best solution, using multiple carriers across the various services that you’ll need. That means that we don’t use one single carrier, it means we use many, so we can provide solutions to your requirements, without having to fit you into the limitations of one single carrier.

Getting Started & Next Steps

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