Mid-Band Ethernet

Mid-Band Ethernet (MBE) is blisteringly fast and reliable. It achieves its high speeds by bonding up to eight copper pairs into a powerful and resilient network connection.

It is ideal for businesses which run multi-site networks to multiple offices, off-site back ups, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), web-based applications or hosted voice systems.

It can keep your business consistently online, because if one of the copper pairs fail, the remaining pairs continue to provide connectivity.

It provides equal upload and download speeds (symmetrical services which can be up to 80Mbps), which are becoming increasingly important to businesses and are critical for Cloud services.

In some cases, ADSL2 is not readily available to your business without large up-front construction costs and lengthy lead-times, so Mid-Band Ethernet can be the better solution.

CUBE Voice & Data can implement MBE for your business by leveraging the copper infrastructure that already exists, minimising connection costs and lead-times. If you don’t have a copper infrastructure, or you are moving premises – you may like to consider Wireless Ethernet.

Getting Started & Next Steps

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