Public Holiday Call Diversion & Holiday Messages

Is your business prepared so you don’t miss important calls this easter?

A friendly reminder regarding the below holiday schedule setup. With the Easter Holidays fast approaching starting on Friday 2nd April 2021 it is time to start thinking about what to do with your business phones over this time.

Don't Miss Important Calls This Easter

Call Diversion or Message ….. you decide……

You can put in place temporary call diverts, and/or add a specialised holiday message.

1. Call Diversion

If you would like to place a temporary Call Diversion on your service, please call us on 1300 884 884 or email us at Please advise us with the following information:

  • Date & Time to activate the diversion.
  • Date & Time to deactivate the diversion.
  • Phone Number you would like the calls diverted to.

2. Message

If you would like to record a Public Holiday message if your business will be closed this public holiday, please:

  1. Ring 03 8535 2454 to record your updated Holiday Message or Generic Holiday audio file. 
  2. Email to advise when you recorded the message date/time and:

What date and time to activate your Holiday Message
What date and time to deactivate your Holiday Message

Please submit any changes no later than COB Friday 26th March 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your current setup does not include the ability to play a separate Public Holiday message, additional licenses may need to be ordered for this functionality.

Please call 1300 884 884, or email, and we will make sure your business calls are the last thing on your mind during your break.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From COB Friday 26th March 2021 (or up until the public holiday date and inclusive thereof)– any late modification requests will incur a once off $100 modification fee.