What’s With All The Negativity About the NBN in Newcastle?

CUBE Voice & Data are the first to admit that there seems to be some major negativity toward NBN connections here in Newcastle, Central Coast, Maitland and Port Stephens.

What Are the Factors Contributing To the Negativity

There are 3 main factors that are contributing to the NBN negativity in the press:

  1. Residential vs Business Services – the majority of negativity is occupied by the residential market. Premises are connecting via copper to the Node and the speed depends on the distance from the premise to the Node, in addition to network congestion in the providers network.road-808167_1920That means, that the further the premises is from the Node, the less speed that premises is going to receive. Business premises are also affected by the distance to the Node, but generally a business connection will have less congestion in the Network.
  2. Price Point – Many providers are flooding the market with ‘Competitive Prices’ and therefore are offering slower speeds than ADSL2, simply to win the signature from the client. Therefore, some providers are offering slower speeds, than the users previous connection. This has resulted in the market being flooded with slow-389833_1920unhappy (residential) customers and causing congestion in the network. CUBE Voice & Data has minimised these factors and/or complaints because we take the time to uncover exactly what our business clients need and we match a provider to those needs, speed requirements and location etc.
  3. Hardware – we’ve seen instances where some brands of modems are connecting at slower speeds than others. CUBE Voice & Data has standardised our hardware with the best performers to eliminate this issue. CUBE Voice & Data asks questions and we also take into account your other telecommunication services and make sure everything ‘matches’. computer-1431750_1920

If you have concerns about your hardware, or if your current provider is selling to you based on Price Point – talk to one of Cube Voice & Data’s ICT experts today on 1300 884 884. We can provide a FREE cost analysis on your current system and/or an obligation-free assessment of your business’s IT requirements.

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